[pstricks] dbicons.sty not found

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Wed Apr 30 19:44:33 CEST 2008

Olga Lyashevska schrieb:

> I experience some difficulties while using/installing dbicons.sty
> First I added dbicons.sty file and it seemed to work properly.

Olga, you should use pst-dbicons from CTAN.

> However later when I changed the file name, unexpectedly style file
> couldnt be found anymore.
> Then I added it one more time manually in latex directory, and run
> 'texhash' to renew indices but it doesnt solve my problem. Am I using a
> wrong path?
> I noticed that when it still worked, there was a dot infront of the file
> name, indicating that it is a hidden file, why is it so? In general, I
> always experience difficulties adding new packages in latex, can anyone
> suggest a good way of doing it?

$ kpsexpand '$TEXMFHOME'

$ kpsexpand '$TEXMFLOCAL'

you get your directories of the TeX-installation. Above my own ones.
Your files should go into
$TEXMFHOME/tex/...  or $TEXMFLOCAL/tex/...

When running texhash you can also see the directories where
the file data base is updated


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