[pstricks] two questions about pstrick and pst-3dplot

Christoph Bersch usenet at bersch.net
Mon Apr 21 11:49:23 CEST 2008

曾定方 wrote:
>      The first is, it seems that pstThreeDLine()() do not
> accept macro definitions like
>      \def\PhiI{70}\def\PhiII{80}
>      \pstThreeDLine0,0,0)(2 \PhiI cos mul 1.5 add, \PhiI sin, 0)
> it only accept commands like
>      \pstThreeDLine(0,0,0)(2 70 cos mul 1.5 add, 70 sin, 0)

Placing a \space after the macros should solve your problem:

\pstThreeDLine0,0,0)(2 \PhiI\space cos mul 1.5 add, \PhiI\space sin, 0)


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