[pstricks] two questions about pstrick and pst-3dplot

曾定方 dfzeng at bjut.edu.cn
Mon Apr 21 11:27:21 CEST 2008

Dear developers and professionals of pstricks,

     I have two questions about pstricks and pst-3dplot.

     The first is, it seems that pstThreeDLine()() do not
accept macro definitions like
     \pstThreeDLine0,0,0)(2 \PhiI cos mul 1.5 add, \PhiI sin, 0)
it only accept commands like
     \pstThreeDLine(0,0,0)(2 70 cos mul 1.5 add, 70 sin, 0)

     The second is, I need tangent lines starts from t-->t+dt, 
instead starts from t-dt-->t+dt, how can I implement my goal?
I have add two files(tex and pdf) describing my questions detailly
in the attachment of this email.

     Can anyone give me a replyment?

     Thank you very much!

      Sincerly yours, Dingfang Zeng

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