[pstricks] PSTricks in XeTeX trouble

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Mon Apr 21 06:43:22 CEST 2008

--- VAFA KHALIGHI <vafa.khalighi at students.mq.edu.au>

> it is strange, I uninstalled MiKTeX and then install
> it and compiled the
> same code and I got the output without that previous
> error but there is no
> sign of pstricks in the output.

When PostScript instructions are constructed from TeX
macros, then they are embedded in an XDV/DVI file
as driver specific specials according as the rules
defined in pstricks.con  Hence it is essential for you
to choose the correct pstricks.con file for your DVI
Now, xdvipdfmx driver recollects all the informations
required to construct a standalone EPS files from
PostScript prologues and driver specials in an XDV/DVI
file, and then let distiller_template to convert them
into PDF files for the final inclusion.  So whether
PSTricks figures render correctly or not depends on
how you configure your distiller_template, which may
be specified in your dvipdfmx.cfg or by a command line
option.  I guess you have overwrite your dvipdfmx.cfg
file with something which doesn't suit your system.
BTW xdvipdfmx also uses GhostScript (hard-coded) to
interpret coordinate transformations and special
coordinate syntax, so you have to install GhostScript
in order to use some macro packages like pst-3dplot etc.

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