[pstricks] Problems compiling a DVI file

Dougherty, Michael michael.dougherty at swosu.edu
Mon Mar 24 14:48:08 CET 2008

I don't know about WinEdit but if you get Ghostscript (I think) you have a command-line tool that will make good PDF files, at least in Linux, but Ghostscript can be had for Windows as well.  Once installed, in a command line shell (C>: or whatever) in the directory of your LaTeX (.tex) file, you type
dvips -o outputfilename.ps dvifilename.dvi
to make a Postscript file, and from there you have
ps2pdf outputfilename.ps otheroutputfilename.pdf
where if you leave off the last argument it just converts outputfilename.ps to the same name but with .pdf instead of .ps.

I'm a little hazy on the details, but those are the commands so if you can find them for Windows you can make it work.

The point of PsTricks is to use the power of Postscript, but if you go from a LaTeX file to a .pdf file directory you are bypassing that, so you want to have a .ps file in there to carry all that along.

I think with Ghostrscript (also look up Ghostview, gv) you can also, with some help, print the Postscript file directly, but that might mean looking up and configuring printer drivers.  Once you have a PDF then Acrobat Reader will let you print.

Sorry I'm a little hazy, but that should point you in the right direction.

--Mike D.

PS:  You might also try TexnicCenter.  It has bugs, but some die-hard Linux users have gone to it and mostly stuck with it.  http://www.toolscenter.org/

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I am working on a LaTeX file in WinEdit in which I use pstricks to make
some diagrams. In the DVI file they show up okay but in the PDF file
they come out wrong. They consist of points and lines but the lines do
not show up. I am not sure how to go about solving this problem. Does
anyone have any suggestions how I could find out what's wrong?

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