[pstricks] includegraphics page of pdf, pst-pdf, auto-pst-pdf

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Fri Mar 21 21:42:11 CET 2008

Alan Ristow schrieb:
> Herbert Voss wrote:
>> exelnet at exelnet.de schrieb:
>>> Well, it didnt change everything afterall. I am still having trouble with
>>> images that get included in a file thats itself include by the tex \input
>>> command.
>>> Im using the following recommand to solve this problem in my case. Since im
>>> not using any ps-only fileformats.
>>> \let\includegfx\includegraphics
>>> \renewcommand\includegraphics[2][]{\ifpdf \includegfx[#1]{#2} \fi}
>> the \includegraphics is under the control of pst-pdf. You do nit
>> need the above commands. Try it only with
>> \includegraphics{file}
> Herbert,
> Part of the issue he presented yesterday was that he wanted to use 
> \includegraphics to include a page from a multi-page PDF, e.g.,
> \includegraphics[page=1]{file}
> This works fine with pdflatex but fails with regular latex since "file" 
> is a PDF (though the error message is generated by keyval and complains 
> about "page" being an undefined key).
> Is pst-pdf supposed to work around this situation automatically? AFAICT 
> it isn't supposed to, so I advised Jan to wrap his \includegraphics 
> statement in \ifpdf ... \fi.

pst-pdf redefines the \includegraphics macro itself
and ignores in the latex run the pdf images but not
the eps one. There is no need for \ifpdf ...\else ...\fi


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