[pstricks] Creating figures containing LaTeX equations using a PC

Dougherty, Michael michael.dougherty at swosu.edu
Fri Mar 14 22:25:08 CET 2008

PSTricks can certainly do what you want.  You can have a pspicture, which you give the lower left and upper right coordinates for (default is in cm), and then you can put anything you want in there, anywhere you want, even if it extends beyond the bounding box.  So sure, you can do so.

Have a look at my textbook project and see if it's the kind of thing you need.  In particular look beyond Chapter 2.  There are lots of figures, and I certainly put equations within them regularly.


I will be happy to send you code for what I did.  I'm not the best guru at pstricks, but I'm certainly willing to share what I have.  You can send me messages privately if you like.

Good luck.  When you're ready to dive in, think about buying the latest edition of the LaTeX Graphing Companion.  Our moderator is one of the authors.

--Mike D.

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Hi, I am a Windows user trying (in vain) to find a suitable program that would allow me to draw figures (to further include in LaTeX) containing LaTeX equations that are in the same form as regular equations in a LaTeX document. Some people answered me by suggesting to use PSTricks. After searching for it and finding your website, I don't find any clear link/procedure for download, neither a description/introduction of what PSTricks really is.

Could you tell me if PSTricks is  the program I really need, or else what program should I use for my needs?

Thank's alot,

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