[pstricks] Installing the latest version of PSTricks.

Herbert Voss LaTeX at ZEDAT.FU-Berlin.DE
Sun Mar 9 14:52:04 CET 2008

Craig Sanders schrieb:

> Following the advice that Herbert provided in his response to my previous
> posting, I installed the Vaucanson files in the recommended directory and
> then ran the texhash command. I then ran latex on my file but without any
> success.
> I have listed immediately below, my very simple file which attempts to
> make use of the Vaucanson package and which I am trying to process with
> latex

all looks good, except that you have an old vaucanson package installed.
If I remeber well, then you have to load the package with the option


have a look at the website of vaucanson for the correct name of
the optional argument or install the latex vaucanson package.

> ! Package xkeyval Error: `.5' undefined in families `,pst-coil,pst-3d'.

this is the typical error message when using the old
package. See vaucanson website.


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