[pstricks] psPrintValue

Poul Riis Poul.Riis at skolekom.dk
Wed Mar 5 18:22:52 CET 2008

The example below works fine but more generally, I want to be able to put
some text (for instance a unit) after psPrintValue without manual
adjustment with \hspace{}. How can I do that?
Furthermore, sometimes (mostoften if some of the parameters have
subscripts) I would like to align the equals signs in such a list of
parameter values. Is that possible?

Poul Riis


\psaxes[ticksize=-3pt 0,Dx=0.2,Dy=0.1]{->}(0,0)(-1.85,0)(1.85,1.05)
\pstVerb{/pi 3.14159265 def /aa 0.0025 def /lambda 0.00006328 def /kk pi
aa mul lambda div def /LL 50 def}%%%% Everything in cm
\psplot[linecolor=red,plotpoints=200]{-1.8}{1.8}{x dup mul LL dup mul add
sqrt x exch div kk mul /alpha exch def alpha pi div 360 mul sin alpha div
dup mul x LL div dup mul 1 add div 4 div}
\uput{0pt}[0](1.0,0.95){$\lambda=$\psPrintValue{lambda 10000 mul 1000
\uput{0pt}[0](1.0,0.90){$a=$\psPrintValue{aa 10 mul}\hspace{2.5em}mm}
\uput{7pt}[90](1.7,0){$x$ /cm}
\uput{9mm}[180]{90}(0,0.85){Intensity (arbitrary units)}

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