[pstricks] pstricks main package updated? (\psaxes question included)

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Sun Mar 2 10:29:30 CET 2008

Hubert Lam (Publishing) schrieb:
> Herbert Voss wrote:
>> Hubert Lam (Publishing) schrieb:
>>> Ran the MiKTeX updater today and noticed the main pstricks package 
>>> was updated (old: 22/1/2008) to 24/2/2008.
>>> Just wondering what may have changed?
>>> I notice in the 22/1 version of pstricks, when \psaxes[...] is drawn, 
>>> the labels are no longer in math mode but in text mode, causing the 
>>> "minus" signs to be dashes.
>> I cannot see this. Latest MiKTeX version:
> I notice this occurs when the latest pstricks-add is used:

yes, that's true. In the next version there will be a an optional
argument mathLabel. Until then write

     \def\pshlabel#1{\psk at labelFontSize$#1$}
     \def\psvlabel#1{\psk at labelFontSize$#1$}

in your preamble after loading the package.


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