[pstricks] \psaxes - Offset of first tick from lower left corner & \dataplot clipping

mogliii mogliii at gmx.net
Mon Feb 25 11:40:05 CET 2008

Thank you for your answers. Especially it assured me that I did not look 
over some option or switch.

I found out a way of doing it.
Step (1)
Plot the data without frame, labels, axes or what so ever

Step (2)
Make a frame without ticks or labels, but starting a bit lower left of 
the range from (1)

Step (3)
Draw two individual axes (xAxis=none / yaxis=none) on the frame from 
(2), starting from any point you want. However one has to make sure that 
the dataplot and the labels have the same value. Except you dont care 
for the correctness of your figures ;-)
One Note: when using \psaxes[xAxis=false,ticksize=0 4pt](-1,0)(-1,5.2), 
the labels will be on the right side. So change to
\psaxes[xAxis=false,ticksize=0 4pt](-1,0)(0.1,5.2) and they will be on 
the left side.
I attached a .pdf showing the difference and the result, a reduced .tex 
file and below the .tex code.
*sorry for the many \usepackage, but I took it out of a bigger document.

Now only the problem with the clipping in \dataplot is left... (see 
dataplotclipping.pdf). Can anyone help me with that?
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