[pstricks] \psaxes - Offset of first tick from lower left corner & \dataplot clipping

mogliii mogliii at gmx.net
Sun Feb 24 12:15:31 CET 2008


I recently bought the book "PSTricks, 4th edition" (german) by Mr. Voss.

I want to use it to create nice plots of functions and graphs. I already 
got accustomed to the scaling and all the small things. However there 
are still two things I couldn't solve by myself, even though I browsed 
many manuals and examples.

(1) Shift the first x/y - Label/Tick away from the origin by an 
arbitrary distance.

- Example where I would like to use this:

- What I want to do:
I would like to shift the point (0,0) by 0.5 mm to the right, and 0.5 mm 
up. And I also want the Labels to be adjusted accordingly. However, not 
a multiple of the tick distance. Because in that case I could use the 
option "showorigin=false" and "Ox= -1".

To Illustrate, I uploaded a graph where this was done (with Origin) to 

Can anyone tell me how to do this with pstricks? Is it necessary to draw 
your own ticks and labels with multido?

(2) Clip data in \dataplot
I want to plot datapoints, but only a small area of it. So some of the 
points are outside the graph. I did not find a easy option. And I dont 
want to filter the data before importing. Because I will have to repeat 
all steps if I change the plot area, and I have to insert dummy-points 
on the border to get the right slope of lines going out of the plot.

Besides these two points I am very impressed by the look of the 
generated graphs. I really like it, especially the exact control on 
arrows, lines and labels (compared to Origin).

With kind regards,

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