[pstricks] Status of English version of book.

Dougherty, Michael michael.dougherty at swosu.edu
Sun Feb 24 03:11:31 CET 2008

Hi Herbert, et al,

I'm sorry that I disappeared a couple of years ago after volunteering to help with an English translation, editing anyhow.  My time is a bit easier to find for such projects now.  I'm not a powerful programmer, but I have done a fair amount of editing for people who were not native English speakers, so if there's still a need I can try again.  In fact I helped with a first translation of S.S. Chern's book on lectures in differential geometry (though it's my wife, H. C. Chang listed in the acknowledgments there), but I think that was probably easier!

The more I work on my own little textbook project, the more I appreciate this package.  Have a look if you like.

I have also gotten others in my department interested, and had my own students use it a bit.  Tonight I'm going to start writing about improper integrals, and will be drawing "areas under curves" for the first time, and that documentation seems straightforward enough.  One of my students got it to work easily, so I don't foresee any problems.

Mike Dougherty
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