[pstricks] pst-solides3d very slow

Jean-Paul Vignault jpv at melusine.eu.org
Fri Feb 15 18:41:02 CET 2008


 > I have been playing with pst-solides3d (wonderful package, by the
 > way!) but I find the rendering is extremely slow. Trying to get a
 > postscript rendering of ex-chaine_olympique.tex for example takes
 > several minutes on my not-so-slow computer. Is it a problem with my
 > system?

No. There are a lot of calculus, and postscript need time...

 > If no, is there any hope that it could be improved in the future?

We have few ways to try. But it will be difficult to improved with
only postscript.

With next version, it will be possible to write extern file. So you'll
could have some results faster (for ex-chaine_olympique, you have
actually 5 times the calcul of torus and 3 times the calcul of rotation).

An other problem is to sort faces. It takes a very, very long time
with postscript.

 > Thanks,
 > Martin.



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