[pstricks] pst-pdf crashes pdfLaTeX under MiKTeX 2.7!!!

Alan Ristow ristow at ece.gatech.edu
Fri Feb 15 22:33:55 CET 2008

Hi all,

I am fairly certain that this is a bug related to the most recent MiKTeX 
update (a superficially similar problem with LaTeX and nfssfont was 
reported on comp.text.tex this morning), but I'm hoping that somebody 
can confirm this before I report it. I'm running MiKTeX 2.7 with Vista 
Home Premium.

The minimal example below runs fine with LaTeX and produces the expected 
DVI. With pdfLaTeX it runs nearly to completion before Windows pops up a 
message saying "pdflatex.exe has stopped working." To look at the log 
file you'd never know it had crashed, but the PDF file it leaves behind 
is corrupt and cannot be opened.

Hello, world!

It only happens with pst-pdf, but I don't think it's pst-pdf's fault. 
Some corroboration would be helpful for purposes of filing a bug report.



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