[pstricks] producing a sequence of Pstricks files

Juergen Gilg gilg at acrotex.net
Tue Feb 12 07:46:31 CET 2008

Hello Patrick,
> Sorry for not being clear. I am new to the whole animation thing. By now
> I would split my question into
> 1.) How do I create animations, so I can use them in presentations
> produced by LaTeX (ie beamer, powerdot)?
As far as i know: animate package harmonizes with the well-known 
presentation packages.
> 2.) Which animation output format is the most portable?
It depends on you, what you like to have. If you prefer animations in 
PDF, then the described way in a former email is the one you should go. 
The advantage is, that you have all the code in your TeX file and 
needn't input an external animation file. However swf is quite a cool 
format as well and the described animations can be setup in swf with the 
swf tools and the resulting swf can be implemented in a PDF. So it is up 
to you, what you prefer.
> 3.) Can I also view these animations with viewers independent of Adobe
> Acrobat Reader?
In case you use the PDF animations -- they are navigated by a JavaScript 
to have control on the Optional Content Groups (Layers / Frames) -- so 
at least a viewer that can handle JS and OCGs is needed. The only one 
that handles JS and Layers is the Adobe Reader 6.0 and higher as far as 
i know. This is for free and available for Mac, Linux and Windows.
> 4.) Which toolchain (Operating system, Libraries, Viewer) is reasonable?
see above.

Hope that helps,


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