[pstricks] Clash between pstricks, pst-pdf, tabularx, and threeparttable

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Mon Feb 11 09:05:27 CET 2008

Alan Ristow schrieb:

>> The problem must be in pst-pdf because it is still there when I do not
>> load pstricks.
> I was puzzled by that comment at first, but then I remembered the 
> nopstricks package option. Sure enough, the problem still exist when 
> pstricks isn't loaded.
> I have tracked it to this part of pst-pdf.sty (here copied from the 
> pst-pdf docs):
> Prevent multiple test-wise setting of table contents by “tabularx”.
> 156 \@ifundefined{tabularx}{}{%
> 157 \def\tabularx#1#2{\tabular{#2}}%
> 158 \newcolumntype{X}{c}%
> 159 \let\endtabularx=\endtabular}%

ah, now I remember. We need this for the table counter.
Maybe that Rolf can find another solution for this problem.


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