[pstricks] Transparent colors

Poul Riis Poul.Riis at skolekom.dk
Fri Jan 25 21:14:09 CET 2008

I just tried the color7 example. I get an error message, part of which is
shown below.
My xkeyval is dated 2006/11/18 - cannot find a newer version.
How can I make color7 run?

Poul Riis

PSTricks error.  See User's Guide for further information.
                 Type  H <return>  for immediate help.
! Undefined fill style: `transparent'.
\@pstrickserr ... immediate help.}\errmessage {#1}
l.12 \psset{fillstyle=transparent,linestyle=none}

! Package xkeyval Error: `transpalpha' undefined in families

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