[pstricks] Problem generating a stacked chart with gradient fill styles

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Fri Jan 25 18:32:27 CET 2008

DigiFuga (Bas Dekker) schrieb:

> I would like to produce a chart with a gradient in the fillstyles of the 
> bars, because it matches my company's style rules better. I use pst-bar 
> and pst-grad
> There is a model file by Herbert Voß on the internet at 
> http://ftp.ktug.or.kr/tex-archive/info/examples/PSTricks4_de/27-3-2.ltx.

I see ...
I used a modified version of pst-bar, which is not on CTAN :-(

This should work:


1300--1349, 1350--1399, 1400--1449, 1450--1499
1, 0.5, 2, 0.5
1, 2, 1.5, 1



> \documentclass{article}
> \usepackage{pst-bar,pst-grad,pstricks}

use always this order:


try again with the above example.


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