[pstricks] new features

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Wed Jan 16 23:07:18 CET 2008

Hi all,
please test the new features of the upcoming
version of pstricks. You'll find the documentation
here: http://perce.de/LaTeX/pstricks/pst-news2008.pdf

replace the files

and put the new one

in the same directory of pstricks.pro, you can find this
directory with
kpsewhich pstricks.pro

The new features of the pstricks core are:
pstricks.tex --------
1.20  2008-01-01 - added strokeopacity for normal stroke operation
                    (lines) and opacity for filled areas
                  - added the arrowtype <D-D> and <D<D-D>D>, which draws
                    the sides as betier curves (ArrowD type in
                  - add special coor type (*x f(x)), which invokes the
                    algebraic parser for f(x) before using the default
                    (!x y) coor type
                  - add option linejoin=0,1,or 2 for connecting lines
                  - add option linecap=0,1,or 2 for line ends
                  - small tweaks to psellipticarc x y -> xOrig yOrig
                  - fix introduced bug with \newpsstyle:
                    \pst at tempa->\pst at tempA
                  - add PS subroutines /UserCoor and /ScreenCoor for easy
                    transforming into user or screen coordinates
                  - changed wrong name of \psk at shift to \pst at shift
                  - fix bug with pst-node and \\[name=...]. It now uses
                    \ps at ifnextchar for scanning the next token
                  - fix bug with pst at tempg in \polar at coor. It was already
                    used in \pst at getangle.
                  - new option gridfont for the label font of \psgrid
                    can now be any of the PS-fonts Helvetica (Default),
                    Times-Roman, Palatino-Roman, ...


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