[pstricks] pstricks and color revisited (with xypic)

Jonny Smith joesm77 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 17:01:01 CET 2008


I'm trying to combine the packages xypic, color, and lately pst-grad. Why?
I've already designed fairly complex posters with xypic and color but have
been recommended by one of the maintainers of xypic to include pstricks to
achieve my design goals. Redrawing all my posters with pstricks only is not
an option for me since too time-intense and such...

So I started off fooling around and figured there is a package clash with
the color option of xypic and pstricks. Also color and pstricks apparently
do not work together which has been discussed for example at


as well as in the README file of the pstricks package:

      a - To use the standard `color' or `xcolor' package with PSTricks, you
must load the `pstricks.sty' package, which interface the two packages,
loading them in the right order, and overriding some small parts of
PSTricks to allow it to use the `color' or `xcolor' package system for
specifying color. We STRONGLY recommend that you use this way today.
pstricks.sty loads by default the xcolor package, but there is an option
"noxcolor". If you are a LaTeX user then load _always_ first the
pstricks.sty package.

      b - Don't try to load the `color' or `xcolor' package if you use
`pstricks.sty' or `pst-all' (it is already loaded in the correct order).

I'm not sure if I understood this right so I did





\newxyColor{lightblue}{0.8 0.85 1}{rgb}{}


\xy (0,-20)*+<1.5pt>[<40pt>]{

        - X   & = & Y


which doesn't seem to be right.

Do you know what's wrong?


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