[pstricks] Problem with arrayjob package and the array environment

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Thu Jan 3 16:23:44 CET 2008

Bruce Burlton schrieb:
>> use a simple macro instead.
>> \def\xlabel#1{\ifcase#1 Jan\or Feb\or Mar\or Apr\or May\or Jun%
>> \or Jul\or Aug\or Sep\or Oct\or Nov\or Dec\or Jan\fi}
>> %\begin{postscript}%
>>   \psset{yAxisLabel=Beta Angle (degrees),xAxisLabel={Time (months)},%
>>     xAxisLabelPos={5cm,5.5cm},yAxisLabelPos={-1.cm,9cm},
>> llx=-2cm,lly=-2cm,urx=0.5cm,ury=0.5cm}%
>>   \begin{psgraph}[axesstyle=frame,xticksize=0 30,yticksize=0 366,
>> Dx=30,Dy=10,Oy=40,xAxis=false](0,40)(366,70){10cm}{5cm}%
>>     \readdata{\datafile}{./datafile1.dat}%
>>     \listplot[linecolor=red]{\datafile}%
>>     \multido{\nt=0+30,\i=0+1}{13}{\rput{90}(\nt,37){\xlabel{\i}}}%
>>   \end{psgraph}%

> Thanks.  I have implemented your solution.  I do have one problem with it. 
> The image produced (with or without pst-pdf) is rotated 90 degrees 
> clockwise, and I have not been able to determine how to unrotate it

Bruce, try

ps2pdf -dAutoRotatePages=/None ...


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