[pstricks] Problem with arrayjob package and the array environment

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Thu Jan 3 09:29:06 CET 2008

Bruce Burlton schrieb:
> I realize that this might not be the forum to which I should submit this problem, but it arises from my attempts to use psgraph.
> I am trying to provide a set of "alpha" labels to the x-axis produced by psgraph.  There are a few examples on the PSTRICKS website, which I have tried to manipulate to meet my needs. I actually was successful (see the following code, but with the \array environment code commented out).  This code produced what I was looking for.  Unfortunately, when I then put the simple code into a larger document that contained several  equation and array environments I get an error.  If I set through the error, the arrays that are printed are pretty mangled.  I have searched the web (mostly ctan and pstricks) but cannot find anything useful.  If I was to guess, I would have to say that there is an incompatibility between the arrayjob pack and the basic array environment, but I really don't know.
> Alternately, can someone suggest how to produce the "alpha" labels that I am seeking, apart from the obvious method of explicitly defining each label with its own \rput or \uput statement (13 in total in this case).
> Basically the following code does not compile and produces the error
> ! Missing \endcsname inserted.
> <to be read again>
>                    \protect
> l.29 \end
>          {equation}

use a simple macro instead.

\def\xlabel#1{\ifcase#1 Jan\or Feb\or Mar\or Apr\or May\or Jun%
	\or Jul\or Aug\or Sep\or Oct\or Nov\or Dec\or Jan\fi}

   \psset{yAxisLabel=Beta Angle (degrees),xAxisLabel={Time (months)},%
   \begin{psgraph}[axesstyle=frame,xticksize=0 30,yticksize=0 366,


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