[pstricks] Transparency effects

Diego Miyake msdiego00 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 14:02:30 CET 2007

Hello Everyone,
I was wondering if it is currently possible to draw using transparency
effects with pstricks, so I googled it and found this document:

This document (from november/2007) describes an exemple with the "opacity"
option. I copied and pasted the exemple to my latex document. My current
latex document is:





2 \psset{fillstyle=solid}
3 \psframe[fillcolor=red](0,1)(3,4)
4 \psframe[fillcolor=blue,opacity=0.7](2,2)(5,5)
5 \psframe[fillcolor=green,opacity=0.7](1,0)(4,3)
6 \pscircle[fillcolor=cyan,
7 opacity=0.5](1.5,3.5){1.25}
8 \end{pspicture}


But When i tried to compile it  I got an error message:
! Package xkeyval Error: `7opacity' undefined in families

Can anyone tell me where it went wrong?
Thank you
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