[pstricks] M?bius Strip

Gene Ressler eugene.ressler at frontiernet.net
Tue Nov 20 02:34:19 CET 2007

>> Can one use PStricks to render a M?bius Strip? Has this been done?

You might look at Sketch, http://www.frontiernet.net/~eugene.ressler , which
produces PSTricks as output.  

There is a Mobius figure at the bottom of the page. 

The Sketch code for it is:

  def R 4  def N 64  def T .3
  sweep[cull=false] { 
    rotate(180/N, (R,0,0)), 
    rotate(360/N, [0,1,0])
  } line(R - 1,-T)(R + 1,-T)(R + 1,T)(R - 1,T)(R - 1,-T)

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