[pstricks] TeXtoEPS and pstricks-add

Christoph Bersch usenet at bersch.net
Wed Nov 14 16:33:57 CET 2007

Adam Fenn schrieb:
> I'm using TeXtoEPS to create some illustrations that I can include in other documents.
> The following example works as it should (dvips -E file.dvi -o file.eps).
> \input pstricks
> \input pst-eps
> \TeXtoEPS 
> \psset{unit=3711pt}
> \pspicture(3.11000,2.48000)(3.22500,2.60600)
> \uput[45](3.15600,2.53150){A black dot}
> \psdot(3.15600,2.53150)
> \endpspicture
> \endTeXtoEPS 
> \bye
> However, if I include pstricks-add (which I need) the resulting eps file has a huge amount of unwanted white space.
> This only happens if the \uput command has text. There is no problem with a pure graphics object.
> Any advice on how to remedy this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Adam,

for me using 'epstool' works great to adjust the bounding box. This was 
the best and easiest way I found for myself to get rid of the 
surrounding white space in pstricks pictures:

dvips -E file.dvi -o tmp.eps
epstool --copy --bbox --output file.eps tmp.eps

epstool exists as package for my Debian machine. I don't know where you 
can get it otherwise.

Hope this helps you,

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