[pstricks] TeXtoEPS and pstricks-add

Adam Fenn acwfenn at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 14 16:07:38 CET 2007

I'm using TeXtoEPS to create some illustrations that I can include in other documents.
The following example works as it should (dvips -E file.dvi -o file.eps).

\input pstricks
\input pst-eps

\uput[45](3.15600,2.53150){A black dot}

However, if I include pstricks-add (which I need) the resulting eps file has a huge amount of unwanted white space.
This only happens if the \uput command has text. There is no problem with a pure graphics object.

Any advice on how to remedy this would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,
Adam Fenn.

Feel like a local wherever you go.

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