[pstricks] Minipage and Pstricks -> xAxis undefined.

Hans Henrik Sievertsen hhsievertsen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 19:15:24 CET 2007

First off all, thank you for your answers, great help.
I actually found a solution....
First, the example i posted was wrong ( I forgot one \endpspicture).
Second, yes it creates two Y-axes.

I started with the simple example, which worked fine. Afterwards, I
step-by-step, added parts from my main thesis. And the error was quite
funny.When I added the following in my preamble, it didn't work anymore:
After rewritting it to:
..it worked! I have no idea why "pst-par" has to be included on its own?

But now it works!
Again, thanks for the help...

kind regards
Hans H. Sievertsen
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