[pstricks] Minipage and Pstricks -> xAxis undefined.

Patrick Drechsler patrick at pdrechsler.de
Mon Nov 12 15:46:16 CET 2007

"Hans Henrik Sievertsen" <hhsievertsen at gmail.com> writes:

> I have to pstricks figures, that I want to place next to each other. For the
> moment I'm using \minipage, and it is working all fine. But I find, that som
> features from \pstricks are not possible in the \minipage environment. F. ex.
> creating two y-axes or using "nEnd" in a listplot.

Can't help with this. But your example produces two y axes, doesn't it?

> Here is an example:
> \psset{xunit=0.75 mm}
> \pspicture(0,0)(160,6)

^^ This figure is too wide for the other picture to fit side by side:

> The first error message reads:
> ! keyval: xAxis undefined.
> \KV at error #1->....

Did you load the package pstricks-add?

Some ideas:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
  \subfloat[][Kaplan-Meier Hazard rates from open unemployment into ALMP.]{%
  %% I don't have the data...
    % \readdata{\data}{KMALMP.txt}
    \framebox{% for debugging
      % \psset{xunit=0.75mm}%
        \psaxes[Dx=10,dx=0.75 cm,Ox=0,Dy=0.005,dy=1cm,%
        \pstScalePoints(1,200){20 add}{0.00125 add}%
        % \listplot[linecolor=black,linewidth=1pt, nEnd=140]{\data}%
  \subfloat[][Unemployment in 2005.]{%
    %% I don't have the data...
    % \readdata{\dataa}{KMEMPLNONPART.txt}
    % \readdata{\datab}{KMEMPLPART.txt}
    \framebox{% for debugging
      \psset{xunit=0.375 mm}%
        \psaxes[Dx=10,dx= 0.375 cm,Ox=0,Dy=0.01,dy=1cm,%
        \pstScalePoints(1,100){20 add}{0.01 add}%
        % \listplot[linecolor=black,linewidth=1pt, nEnd=140]{\dataa}%
        % \listplot[linestyle=dashed,linewidth=1pt, nEnd=140]{\datab}%
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---


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