[pstricks] using braces from pstricks-add

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at fu-berlin.de
Sun Nov 11 17:51:06 CET 2007

Alexander 'Leo' Bergolth schrieb:
> Hi!
> I'd like to use psbrace to mark stages in a flowchart.
> However, there are two problems that I couldn't solve in a clean way...
> 1) I didn't find a good way to set the start- and end-points of the
> brace, except using pnodes in a separate psmatrix column and guessing
> the correct offsets. (See my example below.)
> 2) The brace and it's text-label doesn't eat up space so its width isn't
> included in the width of the psmatrix. Thus centering the whole figure
> won't work.
> Are there any good workarounds for those problems?

choose "empty lines" inside the psmatrix for the nodes.


     [name=X1] & \\[-25pt]
               & \dianode{S}{Condition1?}\\[0pt]
               & \rnode{SA}{\psframebox{do something}}\\[-25pt]
     [name=X2] & \\[0pt]
               & \dianode{R}{Condition2?}\\[-10pt]
     [name=Y2] &
     \psbrace[ref=r,rot=180,nodesepA=-8pt](X1)(X2){Stage 1}
     \psbrace[ref=r,rot=180,nodesepA=-8pt](X2)(Y2){\parbox{2cm}{Stage 2 very
       looooooong text}}


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