[pstricks] basic arithmetics in pstricks without defining nodes

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at fu-berlin.de
Fri Nov 9 08:25:12 CET 2007

Patrick Drechsler schrieb:

> how do I do simple arithmetics in tex and use them in pstricks?
> I am thinking along the lines of:
> \SpecialCoor%
> \def\MyRadius{0.7cm}%
> \def\MyDiameter{! \MyRadius 2 mul}%
> %
> \psline(\MyRadius,0)(\MyDiameter,0)
> I know this will not work. I am wondering what the correct approach
> would look like...

\pst at getlength{\MyRadius}\pstRadius % Radius in pt without unit
\def\MyDiameter{\pstRadius\space 2 mul }%


\psline[unit=1pt,linecolor=red](!\pstRadius\space 0 )(!\MyDiameter 0)



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