[pstricks] recursion

Robert Salvador salvador at htlinn.ac.at
Sat Oct 27 18:59:39 CEST 2007

Good evening everybody!
I want to do a recursive calculation in a LaTeX-document with following
PSTricks drawing. So I have defined a variable
\def\x{0.0 }
Now I want to assign a new value to this variable (within a \whildo
loop). This new value is calculated from the old one like (simplyfied):
\def\x{\x 1 add }
But this doesn't work (TeX capacity exceeded!)
I tried to fix the problem using a second variable
\def\x{0.0 }
\whiledo{ ... }
\def\x{\temp  1 add }
% now pstricks drawing ...
Doesn't work neither!
Has anybody an idea what to do?
Many thanks in advance!

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