[pstricks] Errorbars in a logarithmic diagram

Martin Buchmann Martin_Buchmann at gmx.net
Wed Oct 17 16:37:05 CEST 2007


I am preparing diagrams for my thesis and I am really happy using  
pstricks because it gives me high quality typesetted diagrams which  
design is really consistent with the surrounding text.  Thanks to  
Herbert's great book and this list I have mastered quite a lot of  
special cases but now I am kind of lost.

I want a to combine two things: A logarithmic x-axis and errorbars in  
x and y-direction.  I know how to do each of them separated but if I  
try to add the logarithmic part to the example
'DotErrorBar2.tex' and it seems not to be compatible with the usual

\pstScalePoints(5,23.333){ log 1 add }{ }

macro I need for scaling the data without the errorbars.

My data looks like this in the syntax of DotErrorBar2.tex

1.295  0.033  0.351  0.029
1.330  0.028  0.359  0.024
1.335  0.031  0.366  0.016
1.687  0.043  0.455  0.037
3.584  0.132  0.993  0.057
3.632  0.105  1.007  0.048
3.932  0.092  1.095  0.032
4.256  0.112  1.192  0.043

and the diagram I want to get (using gnuplot) can be found here:


Any help is appreciated

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alles Komplizierte ist überflüssig
			-- M. Kalaschnikow

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