[pstricks] Drawing algorithm diagrams and conceptual figures

Herbert Voss herbert49 at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 9 21:32:15 CEST 2007

chojny wrote:
> Herbert Voss wrote:
>>> - PSTricks
>> no problem, for more infos/examples go to
>> http://PSTricks.tug.org
> Thank you.
> I draw first figure (http://link.imgshare.us/99jAV7) almost completely
> within few minutes but I get stuck.
> I can't draw wide curly braces. I make curly brace by:
> $\rotateleft\lbrace$.
> I tried to use \scalebox macro to widen it but  without success.

works best with latest pstricks-add from CTAN, which has an updated
\psbrace macro

files pstricks-add.tex and pstricks-add.pro

but should also work with recent pstricks-add and \psbrace.
Here is my output: http://perce.de/temp/demo.png





[name=s1] \mybox{s_1(t)} & [name=x1] \mybox{x_1(t)} & [name=y1]
[name=s2] \mybox{s_2(t)} & [name=x2] \mybox{x_2(t)} & [name=y2]
[name=sn] \mybox{s_n(t)} & [name=xn] \mybox{x_n(t)} & [name=yn]
[name=t]  $\rotateleft\lbrace$ \\[0pt]
\ncline{->}{s1}{x1}     \ncline{->}{s1}{x2}    \ncline{->}{s1}{xn}
\ncline{->}{s2}{x1}    \ncline{->}{s2}{x2}    \ncline{->}{s2}{xn}
\ncline{->}{sn}{x1}    \ncline{->}{sn}{x2}    \ncline{->}{sn}{xn}
\ncline{->}{x1}{y1}    \ncline{->}{x1}{y2}    \ncline{->}{x1}{yn}
\ncline{->}{x2}{y1}    \ncline{->}{x2}{y2}    \ncline{->}{x2}{yn}
\ncline{->}{xn}{y1}    \ncline{->}{xn}{y2}    \ncline{->}{xn}{yn}



\caption{ Figure test}



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