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Dear reader,

The 2007-3 issue of the PracTeX Journal has now been published online
at http://www.tug.org/pracjourn/

The authors and journal editors worked hard to present these articles,
and we hope you enjoy reading them.  If you find an article you like
or which you want to comment on, please send a note to the author or
to the editors.

Best regards,
Francisco Reinaldo
and Production Editors

The PracTeX Journal
The online journal of the TeX Users Group
ISSN 1556-6994

Papers and Short-Papers
   The beginner's forest of LaTeX
     Theresa Song Loong
   A minha experiência em LaTeX
     Antero Neves
   Tools for Collaborative Writing of Scientific LaTeX Documents
     Arne Henningsen
   A Tool for Logicians
     Arthur Buchsbaum and Francisco Reinaldo
   LaTeXing with TextMate
     Charilaos Skiadas and Thomas Kjosmoen
   LaTeXe "Linux-like" environment on MacOSX
     Vinicius Provenzano
   Will TeX ever be wysiwyg or the pdf synchronization story
     Jérôme Laurens
   TpX -- a drawing tool for LaTeX
     Alexander Tsyplakov
   Tools for creating bibliographic databases for use with BibTeX
     Duvvuri Venugopal
   Bib Manager and Word Citer: Bibliography Management and Citation Extraction
     Fernando Sáenz-Pérez
   ACIDE: An Integrated Development Environment Configurable for LaTeX
     Fernando Sáenz-Pérez
   LaTeX and Subversion
     Mark Eli Kalderon
   Using Assembla in PracTeX Production
     Mark Eli Kalderon
   Subversion and TextMate: Making collaboration easier for LaTeX users
     Charilaos Skiadas, Thomas Kjosmoen and Mark Eli Kalderon
   LaTeX Document Management with Subversion
     Uwe Ziegenhagen
   Version Control of LaTeX Documents with svn-multi
     Martin Scharrer

    Travels in TeX Land: Fonts, self-publishing and another reason I like TeX
      David Walden
    Ask Nelly:
          How do I adjust the height of the square root sign?
          How do I create inline numbered lists the LaTeX way?
      The Editors

Distractions — Alea iacta est!
      The Editors

Send us an article or idea
The next issue's theme is "Teaching LaTeX and TeX", and it will be
edited by Paul Blaga and Lance Carnes.  Feel free to submit an article
idea, or send us suggestions of what you would like to see in this
issue.  The publication date is November 30th, 2007 and submissions
are due in October.

Upcoming events
Transylvania TeX Conference  September 1-2, 2007
LaTeX workshops in Berkeley  October 12, 2007
Italian TeX User Meeting  October 13, 2007

Recommend books for your library
   TextMate: Power Editing for the Mac (Pragmatic Programmers)
     by James Gray II
   Pragmatic Version Control: Using Subversion (The Pragmatic Starter
Kit Series)(2nd Edition)
     by Mike Mason
   Guide to LaTeX (4th Edition) (Tools and Techniques for Computer Typesetting)
     by Helmut Kopka , Patrick W. Daly
   Version Control with Subversion
     by C. Michael Pilato, Ben Collins-Sussman, and Brian W. Fitzpatrick

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