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Fri Aug 31 09:09:35 CEST 2007

I think there is - look at catalogue.

But then you should clearly define where your graphic starts (no color{white} 
etc. outside of the graphic) and ends!! 
A short perl program would filter the needed parts and put a 
clearpage command between them.

This gives you  one long file with all your graphics which you run with LaTeX.
Then you would have to call with e.g. "Acrobat professional" and 
you can save  the pages as pdf and again as eps-file, 
but now as single pages.
Problem is the filename - you get numbered filenames (one could live with 
that). Don't forget the pagestyle{empty}.

If your margins leave to desire (white margins!), then run the pdf-complete 
file through pdfcrop (see the book from Herbert Voss, part B.2.4). 


On 30 Aug 2007 at 23:49, Johan Ekh wrote:

> It works thanks!
> Is there any convenient way to produce eps output for all pstricks
> graphics in a document? That would really be nice...
> /Johan
> 2007/8/30, Herbert Voss < Herbert.Voss at fu-berlin.de>: 
>     Johan Ekh wrote:
>     > Please see attached below my latex file that I try to use for
>     > creating an eps-file.
>     >
>     > I first run latex on this file and then
>     > I run "dvips -E curvature_range.dvi -o curvature_range.eps"
>     >
>     > When I run latex on my main latex file, the picture is OK with text
>     > and everything.
>     >
>     try it without \fbox. Use dvips and then
>     epstool --bbox --copy infile.eps outfile.eps
>     Herbert
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