[pstricks] 3D-Coordinate-System

Markus Krebs markuskrebs at web.de
Fri Aug 17 16:37:33 CEST 2007

Hello Herbert!

The experimental code is working. I've tried with some examples.

The x-axis is not drawn correctly.

/ConvertTo2D {
   coorType 1 eq {
     /x2D -0.5 x mul y add def  %  |/_  co system              % modified MK
%   /x2D y x Alpha 90 sub sin mul sub def  %  |/_  co system      % HV
     /y2D -0.5 x mul z add 
def                                        % modified MK
%/y2D z x Alpha 90 sub cos mul sub def                                     % HV
%  |

I've changed these two lines of pst-3dplot.pro and the result is 
fine. x_1-axis shortened by 1/2*sqrt(2). But I don't know very much 
of postscript.

Minimal example:

\documentclass{article} % ,titlepage

Koordinatenzug \\ von \\ Q \end{tabular}}}
Koordinaten- \\quader von Q \end{tabular}}}

Thank's a lot for these new possibilities.


At 00:00 16.08.2007, you wrote:
>Markus Krebs wrote:
> > Is something like this (see example) possible with pst-3dplot?
> >
> > A 3D-Coordinate System with an angle of 135 degrees between x_2 and
> > x_1, shortened with factor 1/2 * sqrt(2).
> >
>try the
>it has the experimental feature coorType. With
>you should be able to get what you want. But do not expect,
>that every macro works in the same way ...
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