[pstricks] Avoid lines in psplotImp

Martin Chicoine martin.chicoine at umontreal.ca
Mon Aug 13 22:33:12 CEST 2007

Martin Chicoine wrote:
>> Is there a way to avoid the superfluous lines in this example?
>as shown in the docs ...
>  \psplotImp[linecolor=red](-7,-7)(0,0){x^3*y^2-3*x^2*y^3-(16)}
>  \psplotImp[linecolor=violet](0,-7)(8,0){x^3*y^2-3*x^2*y^3-(16)}

Ok, but there is still a line along the y-axis in the second psplotImp (the
violet one). It becomes problematic if we set linewidth=2pt for example. Is
there a way to get rid of that one (or any other one that might appear)?

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