[pstricks] font problem using pstricks

Field.Malcolm at epamail.epa.gov Field.Malcolm at epamail.epa.gov
Wed Jun 27 13:16:35 CEST 2007


I am not sure that this is a pstricks problem, but I created two
relatively simple figures using pstricks for publication in a scientific
journal article.  Everything appears fine on my end but when I transmit
the PostScript figures to the journal the fonts appeared garbled (I
think this occurs with whatever software they are using for journal
paste-up).  Below is my original source code for one of the figures and
PDFs of my original figure and the PDF that occurs at the journal
publisher as well as my original source code.  Thanks for your help.


Malcolm Field
p.s.  I would really like a copy of the Pstricks book translated into
English if anyone is ever inclined to work on sucha prodigious project.

(See attached file: Health_1.pdf) (See attached file: Health_1_bad.pdf)

Source Code

(See attached file: Health_1.tex)
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