[pstricks] Bluring self-created High Level Object

martin at wudika.de martin at wudika.de
Fri Jun 22 15:38:51 CEST 2007

Hello together,

I don't know how to group a self-created object in a way such that I can
apply different effects on it, e.g. to use blur shadowing.
An example may explain my concerns. I want the entire "CPU" object to use
shadowing or use a special outline. How would I attack this problem?








                \psline[linewidth=4pt, linecolor=gray](-0.1,0.2)(1.5,0.2)
        \psframebox[linecolor=gray, fillcolor=gray]{%
                        \footnotesize \textsf{CPU-\iB}

%% Draw two CPUs
                        \footnotesize \textsf{Group}
\multido{\rA=1.1+2.7, \iB=0+1}{2}{%




Thanks for any help,

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