[pstricks] xkeyval again

Robert Salvador salvador at htlinn.ac.at
Sun May 27 20:39:55 CEST 2007

Hallo to all of you!
Using the new TeX-Collection 2007 I encounter the following problem:
I m writing a rather big article with LaTeX and a lot of PSTRICKS
(pstricks is really great - thanks to all developers!) and started it
under Windows with MikTeX from the TeX-Collection DVD. All was going
well, no problems.
Now since Debian 4 is out I want to use this Linux-Distibution for
continuing my LaTeX-work. So I installed TeXlive from the DVD under
Debian4. But using the same *.tex-files as under MikTeX I m getting
error messages like
"! keyval: tickwidth undefined"
Instead of the word "tickwidth" there are also other parameters like
"gradmidpoint", "slopesteps", "ArrowInside", aso.
I ve read of several problems with xkeyval and pstricks(-add) coming
from using older file-versions. But with the rather new
TeX-Collection2007 I cannot understand why it works with MikTeX and dosn
 t work with TeXlive with the same *.tex files. 
So if anybody has an idea what s causing these problems, please let me
know. I already spent several hours of my life in trying to continue my
work under Debian4.

Many thanks to all!

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