[pstricks] psplot, own plotstyle?

Herbert Voss LaTeX at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri May 18 08:28:19 CEST 2007

Ludwig Meyerhoff wrote:
> >From the example code I can see an own plotstyle was defined, but I do
> not understand the Postscript code (honestly, I already have some
> problems understanding the introducing TeX-defines).
here is a simplified version to understand the PS-code


\let\beginplot at LineToYAxis\beginplot at line  % all from pst-plot
\def\endplot at LineToYAxis{\psLineToYAxis at ii}
\let\beginqp at LineToYAxis\beginqp at line
\let\doqp at LineToYAxis\doqp at line
\let\endqp at LineToYAxis\endqp at line
\let\testqp at LineToYAxis\testqp at line
\def\psLineToYAxis at ii{%
\addto at pscode{\pst at cp \psline at iii \tx at LineToYAxis}%
\end at OpenObj}
\def\tx at LineToYAxis{LineToYAxis }
\pst at def{LineToYAxis}<{
  NArray            % all x-y pairs on stack
  n { 2 copy moveto % go to current point
    0 exch Lineto   % line to y-axis
    pop             % delete old x-value
  } repeat
            showpoints=true]{0}{360}{x cos}


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