[pstricks] psovalbox

Herbert Voss LaTeX at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Apr 25 08:57:20 CEST 2007

Pedro Jorge Caridade wrote:
> I think this is not possible right now, but maybe someone have some 
> workaround. I would like to control the framesep of a psovalbox 
> separately in different directions, i.e., the framesep being different 
> in height and width. Is this possible, or can it be done easily?

Is also possible with the \parbox command.



\newdimen\pst at Xsep\newdimen\pst at Ysep
\define at key[psset]{}{Xsep}{\pssetxlength\pst at Xsep{#1}}
\define at key[psset]{}{Ysep}{\pssetylength\pst at Ysep{#1}}

\def\psOvalbox{\pst at object{psOvalbox}}
\def\psOvalbox at i#1{%
  \begin at SpecialObj
  \pst at dimb=\wd\PSTBox \advance\pst at dimb by 2\pst at Ysep
  \pst at dimc=\ht\PSTBox \advance\pst at dimc by 2\pst at Xsep
  \psovalbox{\parbox[c][\pst at dimb][c]{\pst at dimc}{\makebox[\pst at dimc]{#1}}}
  \end at SpecialObj%





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