[pstricks] Check for file version of pstricks-add.tex

Christoph Bersch bersch at uni-muenster.de
Wed Mar 21 11:51:41 CET 2007

Herbert Voss wrote:
> Christoph Bersch schrieb:
>> for my package I need a pstricks-add.tex version >= 2.81. Is there a way
>> to check for this (\RequirePackage does not work, as I want to use a
>> certain version of the _.tex_ file) and alternatively define the macro
>> in my package?
>> \ifversion>=2.81
>> % include pstricks-add.tex
>> \else
>> % use the corresponding code part
>> \fi
>> Is this possible and is this a good idea? I need the macro \nlput (the
>> related code contains only 24 lines).
> there are different possibilities:
> \providecommand\nlput....
> ...
> }
> \usepackage{pstricks-add}
> or check, if \nlput exists.

I forgot to mention a crucial point, sorry. The \nlput command was
introduced before 2.81 (October 2005) but was buggy until this version.

A hack could be to check for the existence of another macro that was
introduced with version 2.81 (which one could this be?) although this
does not seem such a good idea to me.

Thank you for other suggestions


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