[pstricks] pdflatex question

Iosif Pinelis ipinelis at mtu.edu
Thu Mar 15 04:49:48 CET 2007

Sorry for a wrong subject of my previous message!

Iosif Pinelis wrote:

> Hi,
> I have received a message from the editorial assistant of a journal, 
> saying
>> Would you know how I can successfully run PDFLaTeX on your file? The
>> problem is the pspictures. I need PDFLaTex to generate the JIPAM files.
> Apparently the problem is with pictures like this:
> \usepackage{pstricks}
> %% My definition
> \newcommand{\mvec}[1]{\mbox{\bfseries\itshape #1}}
> \renewcommand{\u}{\,%
> \psset{unit=.7pt}
> \begin{pspicture}(0,0)(9,10)%(10,20)
> %\psset{unit=1pt}
> \psline[linewidth=.3pt,origin={0,1}]{-}(0,0)(2,5)(7,5)(9,10)
> \end{pspicture}
> I use either TeXnicCenter to produce pdf files on Windows (without 
> knowing how the black box works) or, on Linux, dvips -o followed by 
> ps2pdf. I don't use pdflatex explicitly. Could you please tell me what 
> the problem may be and how to solve it? Thank you.
> Iosif Pinelis

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