[pstricks] concatenation of \psline

Goebel, Juergen, OPES26 juergen.goebel at eads.com
Tue Mar 13 07:21:07 CET 2007

> Herbert Voss wrote:

> \psline is _always_ a single line. A missing second argument is
> always (0,0). 

Oh, I thought that LaTeX would use the current pen-position for
the missing "first" argument.  My mistake.

> Alternatives are
> \psline(0;0)(5;35)(5;40) % one end arrow

Alas, that's not what I need here.  The final graph shall
consist of several arrows (vectors), where each one starts
at the end of the preceding one.  So with something like

> \psline(0;0)(5;35)
> % \psline(5;35)(5;40) % easy but incorrect
> \psline(5;35)(9.99;37.5) % correct but tedious

I would have to compute the start and end point of the n-th
vector for n > 1.  Is there any easier and more elegant
solution for this problem?

E. g. I might nest \rput and \psline such that I set
the origin of the new vector always to a "new" (0,0),
but this will be neither easy nor elegant.



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