[pstricks] draw the bell-shaped

vbzdf.11wo vbzdf.11wo at gmx.net
Mon Mar 12 16:00:59 CET 2007

On Monday 12 March 2007, Vo Duc Hoang Vu wrote:
> Could you help me using pstricks to draw a bell-shaped curve with filling
> two tails as the picture below?
> http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/3385/hamsoxacsuatfm3.jpg
> Thank you.
> Vu Vo

Funny thing I did just that a week ago. I hope this snippet helps you out.

Needed are the packages pstricks-add and pst-plot.


        \begin{pspicture}(8.5cm, 3.5cm)
                \psset{xunit=10mm, yunit=60mm}
                \psplot[linecolor=gray, plotstyle=curve]{1}{7}{x 4 1 GAUSS}
                \pscustom[linecolor=gray, plotstyle=curve, fillstyle=hlines, 
                        \psplot[liftpen=1]{5.4}{7}{x 4 1 GAUSS}
                \psaxes[labels=none, ticks=x, ticksize=-1mm]{->}(4,0)(0,0)

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