[pstricks] pstricks-add - hyperbolic functions

Patrice Mégret Patrice.Megret at fpms.ac.be
Tue Feb 13 18:09:19 CET 2007

Dear Herbert,


I have a small trouble with pstricks-add and especially the hyperbolic functions.


I like to use the RPN system for my 'psplots' and 'parametricplot' but with the hyperbolic functions (ch sh, ...) I only succeed with the algebraic notation.


With the example file below, it is OK with the yellow lines removed. I have also tried pst-math which defines also hyperbolic functions and there there is no trouble.


Is it a limitation of pstricks-add to only allow algebraic=true for the new functions defined in section IV of pstricks-add namual version November 6, 2006?


Thanks for your collaboration.


Patrice Mégret   
















\psplot[linecolor=red]{0}{-2}{ x sh}



\psplot{0}{2}{x neg SINH}










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