[pstricks] filling

Robert Johansson robert.johansson at math.umu.se
Tue Feb 6 12:56:29 CET 2007

Hi, recently I upgraded my pstricks package and 
also the pst-fill package. Everything seems to 
work fine except for those of my older pictures 
where I fill areas with simple vlines. The 
background gets dark with some white strokes in 
it. I had some problems following the 
instructions to get the pst-fill.tex and 
pst-fill.sty files. I got them but when latexing 
the .dtx file I get complaints about missing 
files like random.tex, and so on. I'm sorry if 
this question is a stupid one, but I really have done my best to solve it.

Regards, Robert

Robert Johansson
Studierektor på institutionen för
matematik och matematisk statistik
Umeå universitet

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