[pstricks] dianode problems

Herbert Voss LaTeX at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Jan 12 18:16:57 CET 2007

Alan Ristow schrieb:
> Helge Langseth wrote:
>> So, I use MiKTeX, can that be an explanation? Also, I am not sure why
>> pst-node.pro file (mine is of Version 97 patch 1, 97/05/09) is not in my
>> list, wheras it is in yours? 
>> My pstricks.pro is Version 1.01, 2006/01/11. 
> I use MiKTeX and I have no problems here. My file list is exactly the 
do you have version 2.5 or 2.4 of MiKTeX?


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